Spanish Chicken – the silly daddy way –

Spanish Chicken

– The Silly Daddy way –

A firm favourite in our house. Well our boys don’t seem to like it much, but then they are 5 years old and everyone knows that young kids can be incredibly fussy and food should be a joy and never be entirely forced.

Depending on for how many people you are doing this you might want to have more or less chicken.

For this recipe you will need the following ingredients:

A good quality 500g pack of chicken breast ( but the value range should work equally well )

A good quality Chorizo sausage
A pepper ( any color but we tend to prefer red,orange or yellow )
A brown and/or a red onion ( depending on how much you like onions )
Smoked paprika
A Spanish chicken dry herbs & spices mix made by Schwartz
Fresh garlic ( again this is to taste if you have to work the next day or if you just don’t like it you can leave it out )
2 tins of chopped tomatoes
a pinch of hot chilli powder
tomato purée
Heinz tomato ketchup ( as mentioned before you can use any kind of ketchup but we prefer Heinz )

As you can see from the above pictures, I’ve added some fresh tomatoes as well. For the  reason that they were getting a bit past it. Still fine to be used in cooking, but not so much to be eaten by themselves.

The actual cooking of it.

I tend to use two pans at this early stage. One to gently fry off the chorizo a little to get it to release some of those lovely flavours. In the other I start searing the chicken in, after I fried of the onions for a minute or two.

After that I tend to start adding the flavourings, under constant stirring and folding in, you don’t want to burn your flavourings by adding them to a too hot pan. I add a sachet of the Schwartz spice mix, then a generous helping of smoked paprika, some oregano, if you are using fresh garlic I tend to put 3 to 4 cloves in, a little helping of chilli powder ( also depending on how hot you want it you could use crushed chilli flakes or even fresh chillies ) and then you stir that all again, then add the chorizo and the oils it released earlier and fold that in.

Now I tend to get the cut up pepper and add it as the very last ingredient to go in. I do want it to retain some of its crunchiness after all.

So here you have it, my basic recipe for my version of a Spanish chicken. Now if you feel adventurous you can experiment with other flavours to add into the mix. For example we had some fresh fennel left in fridge so I grated some that into it so see how the flavour of it would change. It was a lovely lovely thing to have a slight hint of fennel in the background.

Now that is all done, you put the lid on and you can get on with other things, like clearing and tidying up, starting to set the table, check that the kids haven’t been up to no good.

Now this dish goes very well with mashed potato, rice, pasta or just fresh crusty bread.

Here is a picture of the finished chicken dish just before serving.

Once I made this with mash potato and added the obligatory milk and butter to give it a creamy texture, and then felt again a little adventurous and added a generous helping of ground nutmeg to the mash and stirred it through. That was utterly delicious.

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