The Immortal

The Immortal

Early one morning, sunrise was about an hour away. Marius was writing in his diary again, as he had done for so many years. Looking around the room there were shelves upon shelves. All filled with hundreds of Notebooks, journals, notepads and diaries of variable shapes, sizes and colours. That was the trouble with living as long as Marius had. You just couldn’t retain all that had happened over the years.

The pain he felt when he lost his very first diaries during the great fire of London was something he would gladly forget which funnily enough was still as fresh in his mind as if it had been yesterday. Other events like for example the last concert of Beethoven’s he attended were just a blur. It just was irking him to some extent that he had no way of remembering what his parents had been like, much less remember what they actually looked like. He had already a very vague recollection of his family and his childhood when he first started to write things down. Since then he had been doing this regularly, at first every couple of months or when he would actually think of it. As the years went by he drastically reduced the time between writing until it was something he did at least twice a week.

Marius remembered a time when there were a lot more of his kind, who were about the same age as him, but that was a long long time ago. Most of his brethren had either gone completely insane and had to be put down like a rabid dog or grew so tired of life that they ended it all themselves.

Becoming the Enforcer of the Code

Back then they all lived by a code of conduct and if you violated that code of conduct you were executed. Century over century the ones that thought like him, that followed this age old tradition became fewer and fewer. Which meant that Marius took it upon himself to enforce this code of conduct upon the younger generations. That however is a story for another time.

Something to Aim for

That Marius was still around was easily put down to his stubbornness, his superior fighting skills and that he could still have something to strive for and to find something that interested him.

For centuries when he wasn’t enforcing his idea of how you were to behave, he lived by the motto if you can still find pleasure in things and/or people that intrigue and interest you then you will keep going. Since the turn of the century from the 18 to the 19 hundreds he had seen people experiment with this new instrument which worldwide became known as ‘The Guitar’. But at no other time was the Guitar such an amazing achievement and such an inspiration to Marius as in the 1960’s. What he did remember of the 60’s was Sex, Drugs and rock ‘n roll just like a lot of other people.


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