New York, My City

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New York, My city

The roads were still wet from the rain that had only just stopped a little while ago. People had no idea that they, yet again, had come close to finding out that there was a war going on. There were so many wars going on, it was hard to keep track sometimes. But Marius was mainly concerned with the war that started centuries ago in London, England of all places.

How the feud began

The heads of the Western European families had been advocating for aeons that to keep the peace and to guarantee the survival of their race it was imperative that the average person need never know they existed at all. The eastern European families however were all about domination and slavery, which was kind of funny as slavery was in fact perfected by western culture, just look at the British empire. The Asian families kept well out of these arguments. They just did their own thing, had their own codex they lived and died by. What they had not foreseen though was that this dispute would soon come knocking on their door too.

Since the fateful day centuries ago which started this conflict there had been many deaths on both sides, there had been countless deaths each side chalked up as collateral damage. Marius had no recollection how he actually made it back to his place after the heavy fighting the night before.

The Status Quo

It had been raining all day, according to the lady who just started talking to him on the subway earlier. Sometimes he really liked taking the subway, even though he could get to where he wanted to go far quicker by foot. When he got off the train near Dekalb Avenue, he stopped off at Brooklyn Hospital to replenish his stock of AB negative. A little later he had taken position at his favourite spot of the whole city, right at the top of the Brooklyn Bridge. Marius was there, when it had been constructed. Since that time he had been to many different places. Nothing though gave him more comfort than sitting atop of the bridge, looking out at the lights of the city and emptying a container of AB negative.

This was his city. He was the one that kept the Status Quo here. There would be no mercy for the fool that disrupted said Status Quo in New York.

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