The Calling – Prompt #155 –

The Spirit of the sword There was a war on, Darius had known about this for centuries, however, it kept largely to itself and didn’t bother him too much as they tended to kill each other and usually didn’t leave too much collateral damage in its wake. This was about to change though. Darius had

Delicious Chocolate Brownies after a recipe from Mary Berry

Delicious chocolate brownies after a recipe from Mary Berry We found the recipe for these Delicious Chocolate Brownies after a recipe from Mary Berry on a website called: The Happy Foodie It is taken from Mary Berrys Book “My Kitchen Table – 100 cakes & bakes” So here are the ingredients you will need: 275g (10oz) butter,

The tragic loss of a pet

Tragic Loss of a pet Yesterday was a sad day for all of us. it is unimaginably sad the tragic loss of a pet. We found out that our beloved Maine Coon Thor had been run over. Goodbye Thor.


My Sunday photo - this is talking about Charlie gard and baby loss - if you are affected by this issue google saying Goodbye & mariosa Trust -


Crash A muffled cry was what slowly roused her. She sluggishly opened her eyes, trying to locate the source of that noise. When she had pin pointed it, she realised it was directly underneath her. Moving proved difficult, excessively painful in fact. Then she realised there was a metal rod protruding from her left leg.

How to make a Stir Fry Silly Daddy style

How to make a Stir Fry Silly Daddy Style Hi there. So here is another recipe that i’ve come up with. It is perfectly acceptable on both a calorie controlled Diet and a Slimming World Diet. Which is one reason why I really like it. I have recently tried a calorie controlled Diet and hardly

How to make Tyre safety fun with Bridgestone

Bridgestone Driveguard Event at Chateau Impney I was recently invited to Chateau Impney Droitwich to learn about How Bridgestone Driveguard Tyres can keep you going. So i want to tell you a bit about the day I spent there and a bit about the reason for this event, the Driveguard Tyre. I was really looking