Hi there folks! What do you think lurks behind the label disheveled dad? Well let me tell you! It definitely is a dad very much like me.

You see I’m dyspraxic, unorganised and generally on the go most of the time. But the worst thing about being dyspraxic is that my memory is not 100%. There are times where I don’t know whether I’m coming or going. So it is rather important to try and minimise stuff that can go wrong.

If you are as disorganised as me. There are a few things you must do to get things moving in the right direction: always have something to write with you, a phone or pen and paper. To write down ideas that you have, because there is no way you’ll remember them later. Make lists. Lists of stuff you need to do, stuff you need to get, stuff that you want to do, stuff you need to remember.

So when I first heard about the Bic Shave club I was really interested. Some times I end up with a bit of a beard because I have prioritised other things over looking sharp and looking after myself properly. We have all these subscription Services already, food subs like Hello Fresh, beauty subs like birch box. So having a sub like The Bic Shave Club is just the thing I was wanting to look into!

You do have to make time looking after yourself. Have a goal in mind, something you want to do, something you want to achieve. Or it can be as simple that you want to look sharp for your other half. Obviously looking sharp for your significant other, when you as parents, get to the all too often, all elusive “Date Night” you want to look your best. There is something comforting in the knowledge that you can predict when you get a delivery of razor blades come through the letterbox.

So go on Dads, Guys in general, let’s look after ourselves properly, and one of the most practical ways you can do that is by having a delivery of brand new razor blades from The Bic Shave Club

The even better thing is that you can get can a trial offer to The Bic Shave Club for only £3 right now. Have a look there and decide for yourself to have a different shaving experience!

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