The tragic loss of a pet

Tragic Loss of a pet

Yesterday was a sad day for all of us. it is unimaginably sad the tragic loss of a pet. We found out that our beloved Maine Coon Thor had been run over.

Goodbye Thor.

Since the boys first came home from the hospital all those years ago they have always had cats around them. Our tabby and white Alfie and our black fuzzball Smoogle have always been there. So when the boys 5th birthday was coming up we decided the boys would get a kitten each.

We are cat people

We had previously tried to come to terms with having a dog. I grew up with a dog in the house, there are loads of people that swear by having a dog growing up with their son was the best thing ever. For us, however, that didn’t work out, as we found that we are definitely cat people. Don’t worry we didn’t give the dog away just like that. He lives a very happy and fulfilled life with our best friends Steven & Naomie, their kids and their dog Elsa.

Coming back to the boys impending 5th birthday.

The boys were staying with their aunty & uncle for a few days while we did our research and found some Maine Coon kittens available. We had a couple of locations that we had earmarked as possibilities. The first was less than satisfactory. Looking back at it now we probably should have reported those people to the RSPCA come to think of it. We did not, however, which we do regret in hindsight. The second location was much better and there were these wonderful little Maine Coon kittens. They were tiny and we were told they grow for at least 1 and a half to two years until they have achieved the height they would be throughout adulthood. Two pets that were born within minutes of each other for two kids that were born within minutes of each sounded perfect. The boys instantly loved them. Eddie more so than Alex. Alex never had the same sort of connection or affinity to his kitten and the cats in general as Eddie has. Eddie always seemed so proud and sometimes a little overwhelmed at the fact: ‘That is my cat!’

Our long-term hopes for the boys and the cats

The intention was that these two would be there with the boys all through their childhood. That they would hopefully have an emotional attachment to them just like their mom had with her first cat Tom. This prospect has now been taken away from Eddie and from us. Seeing all the missed opportunities and moments that Thor could have had growing up with Eddie breaks your heart. It is such a sad situation. He was only 16months old, he had his whole life ahead of him.

Where do we go from here?

We will see how the boys and we cope over the coming weeks and months. Depending on how we, in particular, Eddie, adapts to this change we might ask him next year, probably springtime, if he would like another cat. It is only right to mourn the loss of Thor and to wait and see how Eddie & Alex move on from here. Also, there has to be a certain amount of time passing as we would never want it to seem like we were replacing him. He was our, and especially Eddie’s cat, and that you can’t replace. But maybe, just maybe, he would like to have another cat at some point? Where he can go to his friends and say: see that is my cat!

For now, we say goodbye Thor, thank you very much for the time we got to spend with you!

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