Hello world!

Hello World

Hello world! How are things? More crazy than usual, you say?
Well that is one of the main reasons why I decided to go with this name for my brand spanking new blog.

Well for one I’m already referred to as Sillydaddy in some circles, its been my name on Twitter for a while now. But how did I first get the idea for the name The Silly Daddy chronicles?

As in almost all things i do it was thanks to my wonderful wife, Dr Becky. One night we were talking about twitter, about blogging and about that she didn’t think that MisterDoctorBeckyMark2 really worked anymore. She was right as always, it really hadn’t worked for me for some time now. I needed to come up with a new name. So Becky, quick of the mark as always, said: “What about The Silly Daddy Chronicles”. That’s how the idea of it was born. For example a post entitled: ‘Half term fun in Blackpool’ from which blog would you be more interested to read about this, MisterDoctorBeckyMark2 or The Silly Daddy Chronicles. Surely the latter, the name oozes family fun times don’t you think?

Family Fun times

The first such post about family fun times will be coming soon, for the Easter holidays we’re off to Portugal for two weeks. So yes that should be a lot of fun. The boys and I are the only ones that haven’t been to Portugal before. As always we’ll be going with my Sister in law and her husband. The boys love having their Aunt & Uncle with them on holiday. That might sound a bit cheesy but hey who cares. These two lovely people are our best friends, they really are the best, most fun people to have around. We like the fact that we can have adult conversations with other people than just ourselves, that we can have a night off from kids and just enjoy ourselves as a couple. Most of all though is the sheer joy on the boys and their faces when they are together.

What to expect from this blog

Anyway back to what I was saying earlier, about this blog. There are far too many ‘how to guides’ and ‘tips and tricks’ lists out these days on how to create a brilliant blog that everyone wants to read. I’ll just keep on doing what i have always been doing, sharing my opinion on anything and everything. Interspersed with accounts of family fun times, somber reflections on sad times and guest posts, collaborations, reviews, sponsored posts etc. If I feel strongly enough about something it will make it onto my blog. I’m also planning on hopefully having giveaways and proper competions on here at some point. Last but not least I’d like a regular spotlight for charities, that can be in form of a post by a charity itself or a post by a fellow blogger talking about why they support a certain charity.

I think i waffled on enough for my very first post on this lovely new blog. Enjoy the rest of your day and in time honored  Schwarzenegger tradition: I’ll be back!

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