A bachelor no more

A bachelor no more

What had she done now? He had been away for a couple of nights on urgent business. Now he had returned and almost didn’t recognise his own home? 

Ever since he had found her weeks ago in the woods, half naked and half dead, with nasty claw marks on her back. He took her back to his place and nursed her wounds. It was slowly starting to dawn on him that he was a bachelor no more!

Everything had begun to smell so differently. There was no dust, no cobwebs, no days old dirty dishes anymore. Even his favorite shoes had disappeared. All he got as an answer when he asked what happened to them was: ‘they were falling apart so I chucked them in the bin’. He could just about let that go. But this time she had gone too far.

If there was one thing he hated more than anything else it was a mirror. Now he had half a dozen in strategic places. One in each of the three bathrooms. 1 near the front door. 1 in his dressing room and one in her room. He was furious with her. So he went to find her and find her he did. What he had forgotten in his outrage was that today of all days was a full moon. It would be her first full moon. That was exactly the point why he not had a mirror in his house for years.

She was writhing in agony on the floor of her room, she had just had a shower so she was still naked and wet. In between moans, screams and uncontrollable muscle spasms she saw his face and tried to scream: “what is happening to me?”

He knew that there were only two possible outcomes now. she would either make the transition or she would die. He was hoping that she was strong enough to endure this first time. Well the subsequent times wouldn’t be any less unpleasant but at least they wouldn’t be as life threatening as your first time, especially when you were a woman. Female Lycanthropes were extremely rare, infected one’s were even rarer. He had never actually met one that had been infected, rather than born with it. All he could really do was sit there and wait if she was going to make it? Then he realised why she might be even more freaked out than she already was? She was looking at herself in the mirror, the mirror she hung in her room earlier that day.

“Take a good hard look at what is happening to you. Then maybe you’ll understand why I have no use for mirrors in this house? I have made my peace with what I am, but watching it happening is still something I rather not see again.”

Once her transformation had begun in earnest the adrenaline that was released was on a phenomenal scale. The fatally high dose of adrenaline in her system was helping the extremely excruciating pain of bones breaking and resetting to no end. So even while she was changing and in such pain she managed to get up, very unsteadily she staggered towards him and she was just going to slap him hard, but just as her hand was about to connect with his face, her arm and hand were changing which made her scream in abject terror.

As first time changes always took a lot longer Adam quickly took all his clothes off and ‘called forth the beast within him’. She would need someone to guide her, show her the ropes so to speak.


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