As Charlie Guard is still talked about and the specialists still bombarded with phrases you wouldn’t want to hear yourself, much less want your kids to hear. I’ve been going through our archives and found a picture that I took one look at and started crying. It is far too personal to put up for everyone to see. It depicts us saying goodbye to our Richard after we switched the machines off. So instead here is a picture of Alex fighting for his life 5 years ago after emergency surgery:

We strongly believe that in the case of Charlie Gard. The specialists have already argued the case successfully several times. Whatever you do or say won’t change the outcome what we believe needs to be done now! Yes it is so tremendously sad and the hardest decision you’ll ever make and no parent should ever have to make that choice. But as I said we strongly believe that it is in Charlie’s best interest to switch all the machines off!

I have talked about how this was for us numerous times already. Here you can read the latest account, in form of a song of praise for Zoe & Andy Clark Coates and their Charity Saying Goodbye < The Mariposa Trust >

The Charity Spotlight “Saying Goodbye”

Get in touch via twitter if you want to discuss this in a calm and respectful manner, without name calling, and I’ll gladly take the time to explain our stance to you!


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