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The Calling – Prompt #155 –

The Spirit of the sword There was a war on, Darius had known about this for centuries, however, it kept largely to itself and didn’t bother him too much as they tended to kill each other and usually didn’t leave too much collateral damage in its wake. This was about to change though. Darius had


My Sunday photo - this is talking about Charlie gard and baby loss - if you are affected by this issue google saying Goodbye & mariosa Trust -

10 for 10 Blog Tag – Silly Mummy style –

Ok I’m back with another instalment of the 10 for 10 blogger Tag. This time I asked my wife who would be on her exemptions list and who she would want to invite to dinner! The rules 1 – Thank the person who tagged you and link back to their post. 2 – Copy and